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April 19, 2021




Dear patient and friend,


In the journals I read I often come across new developments in the science of chiropractic. However, people like you never become aware of these important ideas since the media reports so little of it.


Therefore Ive taken yet upon myself to keep you informed of crucial breakthroughs because I know how important they can be to you, your family and friends. As your doctor, I believe its part of my sacred trust. So for your information and consideration, here are these unique and revolutionary developments.



Influencing What Kids Eat

Online influencers appear to be just as bad as television commercials when it comes to promoting unhealthy food; and with such influencers increasingly attracting the attention of children, even at a young age, that's a major problem. New research reveals the extent of the challenge parents now face when it comes to teaching their kids healthy eating habits.

After analyzing more than 400 YouTube videos posted last year by the five most-watched kid influencers, they discovered nearly half featured food or drinks, 90 percent of which promoted unhealthy branded food items, such as fast food. Influencers ranged from ages 3 to 14, and their videos were viewed collectively more than 1 billion yes, that's billion  times. Study findings appear in Pediatrics, the primary research journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases, these influencers don't just "happen" to be eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages. They're eating and drinking specific products in return for money from the companies that produce them. It's just the latest way to attract and keep customers, all under the guise of your child's "online friends," who tend to inspire great trust and loyalty among their viewers. If the influencer does it, your child will do it. If the influencer supports it, your child will support it. And if the influencer eats and drinks it...


Dr. Scott Weber

Weber Family Chiropractic




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When I started chiropractic care, my back hurt too bad not to try it. I was taking Excedrin and a pain patch. I was skeptical that I could be helped. I have never had an extensive treatment as this. My back feels better and I say "Come to see Dr. Weber. Chiropractic care feels great."


Denise A.

Virginia, IL.



I started coming to the chiropractic for lower back pain. The pain got so bad I felt that I had to do something. I was skeptical that chiropractic could help me. It has helped my wife and me. I tell anyone who is sick, suffering or in pain try chiropractic.


Wayne R.

Greenfield, IL.