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November 28, 2022

Dear patient and friend,


In the journals I read I often come across new developments in the science of chiropractic.  However, people like you never become aware of these important ideas since the media reports so little of it.


Therefore I’ve taken yet upon myself to keep you informed of crucial breakthroughs because I know how important they can be to you, your family and friends.  As your doctor, I believe it’s part of my sacred trust.  So for your information and consideration, here are these unique and revolutionary developments.



A Great Exercise to Erase Low Back Pain

Watch a toddler pick up a ball and then ask an adult to do the same task. What's the most obvious difference you notice? The toddler hinges at the hips, sitting back and down into a deep squat to grasp the ball, pulling it close to the body.

The toddler powers through the hips, glutes and thighs in returning to the starting position. It's all in the hips!

The adult flexes forward at the waist and lumbar spine with little to no involvement of the hips, glutes and thighs. The altered mechanics of bending at the waist, as opposed to the hips, places extreme vector loads on the lumbar spine, leading to microtrauma, dysfunctional movement patterning, and eventual pain.

Optimal movement patterning and proper lifting techniques never had to be taught to the toddler. They simply lifted without thinking. Functional movement is innate to the nervous system in pre-programmed stages of development. So, what happens during the time frame from toddler to adulthood that contributes to lifting technique going horribly wrong? Quite simply: We forget how to move. Add to that the laziness factor and countless hours people spend sitting in our culture, and you have a recipe for inefficient movement. Essentially, our rear-ends have now become our feet!

Toddlers have to yet experience these outside contributors to movement dysfunction, otherwise known as life, and therefore move efficiently. The problem is adults don't' know they move wrong! They have crossed over to subconscious dysfunction; their brain perceives the abnormal movement patterning as normal. This inefficient movement leads to microtrauma, pain and injury.


Don't "Dessert" Your Weight-Loss Goals


You've committed to losing weight and changing your lifestyle forever. So far, things are going great: You've lost 10 pounds and feel like a new person, even with pounds left to lose. Then temptation rears its sugary, carb-loaded head when your co-worker brings in leftover brownies from last night's party. What to do? Here's how to handle this type of temptation and stay true to your weight-loss goals without going crazy.

1.  Click the delete button: Unless you're a hermit, your weight-loss journey will take you through all sorts of tempting circumstances. Eat away and you'll gain, not lose; indulge "just this once" and you may find yourself repeating the performance. While moderation is the key to weight-loss success, you also need determination and the will to "just say no." After all, "yes" is what may have gotten you into this position in the first place. So, when that email circulates announcing, "Leftover brownies are in the break room – enjoy," your first thought should be to delete the message from your In Box (and your memory) and move on with your day. If the announcement reminds you it's time to eat, go prepare your scheduled healthy meal and leave the brownies for co-workers who don't have your goals in mind.


2.  Dig in (and then dig yourself out): Another strategy to stick to your weight-loss goals in the face of temptation is to indulge – but just a little. Haven't had a brownie in weeks and feel as if you're about to go crazy? Then respond to your co-worker's announcement by eating one – or even a bite or two. Remember, healthy weight loss is about making healthy changes that keep you motivated; you're changing your life, not eliminating all the "fun." So dig in, savor the moment, and then dig yourself out.


3.  Save it for a rainy day: One of the best strategies for achieving meaningful, life-altering weight loss is to remove temptation from the home. If your cupboards are overflowing with Twinkies and your freezer's bursting with ice cream sandwiches, you're in for a long haul. But if you remove it all, what do you have for the proverbial rainy day? When that brownie offer comes a 'knockin, why not answer the door by saving one for a few days or a week – until you're ready for it? Perhaps the brownie email came in on a Wednesday, but you've already designated Saturdays as your "cheat" days. And his brownies are your absolute favorite! So save one for then, when you know you'll enjoy it instead of feeling guilty. Note: This does not mean hoarding dessert after dessert every time opportunity arises, or you'll be right back where you started – in a house filled with temptation.

Don't think of weight loss as a number; think of it as a lifestyle change that gets you to a healthy weight – and then keeps you there. Talk to your doctor about these and other common-sense strategies to reach your desired weight and health goals.






Dr. Scott Weber

Weber Family Chiropractic




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Dr. Weber has helped me a lot! He helped me by taking X-rays of my back, finding that I have osteoporosis. Since going to Dr. Weber he has told me I need calcium. After my treatments, I feel very good! I feel very confident about what he has done for me. The staff is very helpful. I tell everyone about how Dr. Weber has helped me!


                                           Sharon B.





Sometime my pain would be so bad, I could not stand, sit or lay down without having pain. Dr. Weber has helped me live a pain free life.


                                            Deborah M.